Kristina Korobeynikova


About project

In this project, I explore the issues of eternal femininity. This is the femininity that artists and poets have been praising since time immemorial, these are images of a gentle, beautiful and chaste woman, pure and faithful, a sorceress capable of giving new life. But the basis of everything is harmony, the harmony of the feminine and masculine principles. After all, it's easy to be feminine when a strong and courageous man is standing next to you. When harmony is disturbed, life itself stops.


Canvas, oil, 175x87 cm. 2020

"Virginity" is the left part of the triptych "Eternal Femininity". The heroines of all three parts are in the water, whether it's the sea or the bathroom. Since the birth of life, all living things are inextricably linked with water. Therefore, speaking about femininity, I draw a parallel between a woman and the element of water, without which, as without a woman, there would be no life as such... The first heroine is the image of a virgin, still young girl who is still waiting to reveal her femininity. She is beautiful, but she does not yet have that softness and tenderness that blooms in a woman when a man and a woman unite.


Canvas, oil, diameter 160 cm. 2021

"Harmony" is the central part of the triptych "eternal femininity". This is the harmony of feminine and masculine principles, the harmony of Yin and Yang, this is the love of men and women. Naked floating underwater, out of time and space. So it was, so it will be.. In harmony between a woman and a man, the world continues its development, life continues, and a new one is born. We are all the fruits of this love..

New Life

Canvas, oil, 175x87 cm. 2021

"New Life" is the last part of my triptych "eternal femininity". Unlike the first part , the girl is already a woman .. A woman, a new life... The life that love created...Her forms are rounded, but she is beautiful and full of femininity, softness and tenderness... After all, the peak of love is the great miracle of "children".

Girlish dreams

Canvas, oil, 90х110 см. 2020

What does every girl dream about ? ... about love... about what else? They dream of becoming an adult and meeting their prince as soon as possible... When we were little we did not dream of earning a lot of money and making a good career. We dreamed of singing, dancing, loving and having children, being adults like a dad and a mom... We dreamed of real female happiness… Where then do all these beautiful girlish dreams disappear in many of us??? Don't forget your childhood dreams and follow them... don't betray the little girl sleeping inside you and dreaming of love…

The dream of Venus

Canvas, oil, diameter 105 см. 2019

This is an image of the goddess Venus who sleeps in a sea shell. This is an image of female purity, chastity and morality, so quite rarely met in our world. Today, all these qualities have to be hidden in the sea shells, on the seabed. Another kind ob beaty and other female images inflicted by the media are demanded. But in every woman this pure and beautiful feminine is slumbering... And this is a pearl on the bottom of the sea.


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